Australian-Canadian country performer highlights his love of “real country livin'” in his latest clip. by Marcus K. Dowling

Canadian country performer Gord Bamford’s latest, “Heaven on Dirt,” celebrates his love of what he calls “real country livin’,” which he tells CMT is defined by “enjoying life in a simple way.” The video for the song features Bamford farming in the midst of a city-scape, a shocking visual made even more impressive when the vocalist breaks down how it occurred, especially during a pandemic.

Gord released his 10th studio Album Diamonds In A Whiskey Glass
in June of 2021

“We took a risk by doing something completely different in order to still create something visual for ’Heaven On Dirt’,” says Bamford. “I filmed myself in front of a green screen in order to have live-action footage included in the video. Our director then placed it into the rest of the video that also included animation and live-action footage.”

He continues that he finds the messaging of the song “very powerful, especially given the times we all have been living in.” Moreover, he adds,

It’s about finding your own heaven on dirt, that authentic place that brings you happiness. We all live very busy lives, and one of the positives of this busy year was that we could slow down and appreciate what is important to us.

Ultimately, Bamford is excited about the completed version of his vision for “Heaven on Dirt” to be viewable in video form. “It presents the ’visual’ story behind the song,” he says. He also hopes that it conveys “the feeling I hoped my fans would have when hearing the single. I can’t wait to hear what the fans think about it.”

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/yh_79ubsJME

Gord Bamford Celebrates “Finding Authentic Happiness” With “Heaven On Dirt” | CMT, July 9, 2021


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